THERE IS NO ART is not a rebuke of art; rather, it is an embrace of it. It is a rumination on how societies over history have determined what makes art “good”, and therefore what art is remembered. Because art has become more and more self-referential over time, while always at the whim of patrons, it decreasingly reflects reality. This project endeavors to highlight the absurdity of postmodern art and culture, told through the lens of the interpolation of art and commerce.

is a creative retail expert and merchandiser based in Brooklyn, NY. His background provides him a unique perspective that makes equal use of the right and left sides of the brain. An education in fashion design trained a creative eye, while professional experience in merchandising and retail management transfers a logical and analytical approach to product. In addition to his day job as an Associate Merchant at Club Monaco, Alex consults for August Shop, regularly co-hosts the podcast ONLY ONE AIRPOD, with his high-school best friend, Nicholas Padesky, and intermittently develops designs for the streetwear brand, FAKE CLOTHING.