ALEX HYSEL is a creative retail expert based in Brooklyn, NY. His background provides him a unique perspective that makes equal use of the right and left sides of the brain. An education in fashion design trained a creative eye, while professional experience in merchandising and retail management transfers a logical and analytical approach to product. 

In addition to his day (and night) job, Alex runs his own streetwear brand, FAKE CLOTHING, and hosts a semi-bicoastal, semi-elite podcast, ONLY ONE AIRPOD, with co-host and former high school classmate Nicholas Padesky.



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JUNE / 2022
02. “The Big Apple”
The second printables collection from FAKE CLOTHING further explores the “apple” motif introduced in the debut collection. In this iteration, the motif with further references, including The Beatles’ record label Apple Corps, real life honeycrisp apples, and finally the Big Apple, New York City.

After my last collection, I kept getting questions about if/when I was going to release more work. My answer to that, as I was trying to find a job/move/settle in New York, was that it was on the back burner. Well, finally about 8 months after making the move, I finally got everything together to launch another capsule. The capsule honors my move to New York, and ties up some of the last designs I started working on before starting this new chapter.
The I <3 NY tee has been a theme in my work since 2018, aspart of the “AMERICAN DAD” collection. Flip the heart upside down and here’s my own take on the iconic design. I call it the “Tourist Tee”.The second tee of the collection is the first design I began before I even released the last capsule. Each of the little “dots” on the back is actually an edited version of sku stickers from honeycrisp apples - the best apple of all time. Each has been flipped to say “Fake” somehow, ranging in complexity from simple text to original art fonts mimicking a logo.

The first of these sku stickers was featured on the title tee of the “Think Different” capsule. That original “sticker” is not present here but there are ten new stickers on the back, randomly placed as if someone unknowingly fell victim to someone slapping all their sku stickers on them. To the front is a flip of the USDA Organic seal; rather than the USDA, The “Organic Honeycrisp” tee is certified organic by ME.
Iterating on the “Think Different” tee from last capsule, this version features three main changes to the front print. The apple is bigger relative to the text than the last version. Next, the apple is edited this time, to more directly reference the Apple logo, with a bite out of the right side and a single leaf extending from the top out to the left. Finally, rather than the original “Think different.” text, directly copying the 90’s Apple “Think different” ad campaign, this version is a more streetwear-traditional logo flip, reading “Fake clothing.” instead, making this the “Big Apple Logo” tee.
Real heads will know that The Beatles had their own record label, founded in 1968. They actually sued Apple Computer in 1978, settling for an $80,000 payment from the tech company, who accordingly agreed to stay out of the music business.

While The Beatles clearly favored more of a Granny Smith style green apple, their brand strategy clearly aligned with using photorealistic apple artwork as their branding, so Apple Corps became the “Fake Records” tee.
Last but not least is not a new design but an update to the “Sharpie Logo” tee. A bright yellow pops off of a cyan base - the upgraded 6.5oz made in Los Angeles blank that is used on all the tees in this capsule.

Logos - and graphics in general were something I resisted working with for quite a while when I started FAKE CLOTHING. I didn’t want to produce something overtly commercial and wanted everything I made to be strictly considered art. My view on that has evolved over the last 4 years and I have found a way to work in graphics and even logos to my work in a way that I feel is still authentic to the ethos of the brand.

Thanks to all who supported the pre-order, if you missed out and are reading this relatively soon after the launch, you can exclusively purchase them now or soon at August in Madison, WI or on -AH